Nanango Water Tanks


Nanango Water Tanks
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

The best water tanks in Nanango, Queensland can be found at your local Bushmans reseller! Bushmans is an Australian water tank manufacturer that specialises in creating some of the best looking and strongest rainwater tanks on the market. Plus, Bushmans is Australian owned and operated and supports a large network of local resellers. Therefore, supporting Bushmans also helps support your local water tank, farm supplies or plumbing businesses.

The further you get away from large metropolitan areas, such as Brisbane, Queensland, the need to secure your own water supply becomes even more important. Because Nanango is 190 kilometres north west of Brisbane, QLD, a water tank is a great solution and can create peace of mind, by knowing you have your water supply secure. Australia is becoming more environmentally aware, a rainwater tank helps reduce mains water use and offsets stormwater, which is good for your water bills and the community.

The reason Bushmans poly tanks for sale are some of the strongest and best quality water tanks is because of the way they are manufactured. The plastic water tanks are made in a single piece, rotomoulded and quality tested to meet Australian certification standards before leaving the facility. Plus, Bushmans poly rainwater tanks are made of fully recyclable and BPA free plastic. Bushmans has large round rainwater tanks for sale in the Nanango area. The round poly water tanks range from 1000 litres to 46,400 litres and come with a ten year guarantee.

Also, Bushmans supplies high quality slimline water tanks to Nanango and Eastern Australia. The slimline tanks for sale fit down the side of most residential homes as they are narrow and thin. The slimline tanks for sale range from 660 litres to 5000 litres. If a 5000 litre slimline tank is not large enough for your needs, slimline tanks can be linked to expand your rainwater harvesting capability.

Bushmans is the manufacturer of Aqualine steel tanks. The steel tanks are manufactured in Dalby, Queensland, not too far from Nanango and are Bushmans premium large steel tanks. Bushmans professional Aqualine installers will build the steel tank on your site in Nanango. Aqualine steel tanks can also be built indoors, which means they can be great for industrial solutions.

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