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Jimboomba Water Tanks
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Jimboomba is a diverse region located in a prime area of Queensland – between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Jimboomba area is varied in the properties that one would find there. This is due to the evolving economy that it has gone through since its establishment. Originally, all you would find in Jimboomba is cattle stations, farms and grazing land. Water tanks were an essential part of life here and integral to the agricultural industry. In recent years, Jimboomba has seen a shift in its economy. The industrial sector here has grown with irrigation services, light manufacturing, home water supplies and landscaping services all finding their place in the Jimboomba QLD region. With this shifting economy, the businesses popping up around here interestingly still rely on quality water tanks to deliver their products and services. For Queenslanders and Australians in general, the water tank has and will be a fundamental part of life here for generations.

Bushmans have been supplying this area for decades now. Driving around here you will see tanks in all different shapes and sizes – and materials. Most often you will find large steel tanks on farming and commercial operations, large poly round tanks on regional properties and smaller round and slimline tanks on more urban dwellings. Bushmans prides itself on being able to manufacture and deliver all those above tanks mentioned. That gives a unique competitive advantage in being able to service our customers with a variety of tank products not offered by our competitors. Slim tanks have become more popular in this region recently. Bushmans has a range of slimline tanks with sizes from 1000L to 5000L for your home.

Jimboomba agricultural and growing industrial sectors are highly suitable for Bushmans range of galvanised steel tanks – the Bushmans Aqualine range. The Aqualine range differs from traditional poly tanks in the sense that they are assembled and installed on site. The customer is expected to prepare their tank base by the time the Bushmans Installation Team arrives on site. The tank is assembled on site, fitted with a food grade poly liner and whatever accessories and fittings the customer has specified. With sizes ranging from 20,000 litres to 360,000 litres – Aqualine tanks are sure to be able to service your liquid storage needs.

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