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Canowindra Water Tanks
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Canowindra, New South Wales is known for its breathtaking views from above! The reason Canowindra is known for this is because it is the hot air balloon capital of Australia and many people from Sydney and around Australia come for the views! Just like the views from above, rainwater can be a sight for sore eyes for farm and residential occupants in Canowindra. All Australians are having to tackle a new more sustainable way of life and so do the residents of Canowindra, NSW.

Bushmans offers water tanks and water storage solutions for people in Sydney, New South Wales and across most of eastern Australia! Now more than ever a rainwater tank is so important to secure your water supply. Bushmans poly plastic water tanks are recyclable and are BPA free! Bushmans offers a large range of high quality rainwater tanks.

Bushmans have poly rainwater tanks starting at 1000L and range up to 46,400L for sale. However, if looking for a slim, narrow and efficient water tank Bushmans also have slimline tanks for sale. Our slimline water tanks range from 1000L to 5000L, which are perfect for down the side of any home. Bushmans also offers the ability to link the slimline tanks together if you want to set up a few down the side of your home.

Or, if you are looking for a large rural solution, we offer our premium galvanised steel Aqualine water tanks. Our Aqualine range starts at 20,000L and goes up to 360,000L so there is a size for all applications. These tanks are erected on site by our professional installers, therefore, they can be erected in hard to reach spaces or even inside! All of our tanks are manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.

Canowindra is also known for its excellent vineyards and wine. Bushmans can also cater for industrial and manufacturers with our custom industrial tanks, all built to meet the needs of manufacturers or businesses.


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