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Camperdown Water Tanks
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Camperdown, Victoria is on the world’s third largest volcanic plain. Although it is surrounded by salt and freshwater lakes this doesn’t mean that water conservation isn’t important for residential and industrial purposes. As we move towards being more sustainable and reducing our footprint a rainwater tank is a great addition to any household. Bushmans Tanks has water tanks for the home, farm or industrial solutions for sale.  

Rainwater is not a constant in Camperdown, VIC which is why it’s so important to capture the rainwater in large quantities when possible. Bushmans products are all made in Australia and Bushmans have many manufacturers and distributors in Melbourne and across Victoria. Bushmans offers large water tanks in galvanised steel or poly plastic and if after something more subtle for residential purposes Bushmans offer a range of slimline water tanks. Bushmans slimline rainwater tanks for sale offers quality and efficiency with sizes from small 1000L to large 5000L slimline. These rainwater tanks can be linked to provide a discreet large water storage solution. However, if space is not a concern, Bushmans also offers large round poly water tanks up to 46,400L. Bushmans delivers water tanks for free in Camperdown.

If you are in Camperdown and need a larger water tank solution, Bushmans also provide a premium galvanised steel range of Aqualine water tanks. These large steel tanks are manufactured in Australia and range from 20,000L to 360,000L. If you are unsure how much water you use or what size rainwater tank you would need, we have set up a helpful water tank calculator. Try out our water tank calculator.

Bushmans have stockists across Melbourne, Victoria, and most of eastern Australia. Water tank delivery is free in Melbourne and in Camperdown Victoria. Bushmans offers a ten-year product guarantee for water tanks, both large poly and steel tanks! Why not start collecting rainwater today in Camperdown and do your part to save Australia’s water!


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