Bushmans Manufacturing – Orange

18 Colliers Avenue, Orange, NSW , 2800

New South Wales

Bushmans Manufacturing – Orange
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Bushmans has a manufacturing plant in Orange, NSW. We create and supply the full range of Bushmans products, including:

  • Poly Water Tanks
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks
  • Fertiliser Tanks
  • Pumps & Accessories


Water Tanks:

We’ve got an assortment of water storage solutions for households, industrial and agricultural use at our plant in Orange.

Our Poly water tanks are available in a range of shapes, including round, modular, slimline, tall or squat tanks. Sizes range from 720 L to 46 400 L.

Our steel liner tanks are perfect for storage in large quantities. Sizes range from 15 000 L to 363 000 L.

All our water tanks are built to the best possible quality and are a long-lasting solution to water storage at your home, farm or business.


Industrial Tanks:

We manufacture and deliver customised industrial tanks at our location in Orange .

Our industrial tanks are perfect for industrial water treatment and water storage of large quantities, and our heavy duty tanks are ideal for chemical storage.

Industrial tank capacities range from 500 Litres to 46,400 Litres, with the option of a blank or a fully fitted out plastic tank.


Fertiliser Tanks:

Bushmans liquid fertiliser tanks are purpose-built for the safe storage of liquid fertiliser – from 5 000 to 38 000 Litres.

As with all out Bushmans products, our fertiliser tanks are tough, long-lasting and made from best quality materials.

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