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Need a high quality rainwater tank near Boorhaman, Victoria? Bushmans is an Australian water tank manufacturer that makes some of the best quality rainwater tanks on the market. Bushmans has small, slim and large rainwater tanks for sale that are delivered free to the Wangaratta or Boorhaman area in Victoria.

The further you get away from larger metropolitan areas, such as Melbourne, VIC, the more important it is to secure your water supply. A constant and reliable source of water is essential and a great way to create peace of mind and to ensure your water supply, is with a quality rainwater tank. Boorhaman, Australia is no different from any other dry rural area. Therefore, a rainwater tank in Boorhaman is a great solution to ensuring you always have a supply of water.

If you need something thin to fit down the side of your home or shed, a Bushmans slimline water tank is a great option. Bushmans slimline water tanks come in a variety of sizes, from 660L to 5000L. Our slimline water tanks can also be hooked up together if you need a larger supply of water.

A large poly water tank could be the perfect option for your rural farm or Melbourne residential backyard. Bushmans poly tanks are made in Australia and made in one piece from Bushmans Sunsmart® technology, which is a superior raw material that delivers a longer water tank life in harsh Australian weather conditions. Bushmans poly plastic is BPA free and the plastic is fully recyclable!

As Boorhaman is a rural area, you may be after a large steel water tank. Bushmans manufactures Aqualine steel tanks, which are premium galvanised steel water tanks. Aqualine steel tanks are Bushmans large steel tanks. The tanks range from 20,000L to 360,000L. These large steel tanks are erected on-site by our professionals. The large steel tanks can be erected in those hard-to-reach places, they can even be installed inside for industrial purposes.

Bushmans offer a ten year guarantee on our tanks, which means if there are ever any issues within the warranty period, you know Bushmans will replace or repair your tank. Bushmans supports many resellers in the Boorhaman, Wangaratta area. Check out our list of stockists to find your closest reseller.


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