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Angle Park sits 10km north-west of the Adelaide CBD and sits adjacent to the suburbs of Mansfield, Ferryden Park, Wingfield, and Regency Park. In the past, the lands surrounding modern Angle Park were predominately pastoral lands and farms. Today it is now primarily residential and industrial lands. South Australia is technically the driest state in Australia. This makes Adelaide the driest capital city in Australia. The practice of rainwater harvesting has been highly prevalent in this area for quite some time. Water tanks have been a part of South Australian history for generations and have been extensively deployed throughout the state. 

Water tanks in SA come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types one would find across Adelaide and more specifically, Angle Park, are poly and steel water tanks. Bushmans manufactures both! Bushmans manufactures poly water tanks from its own facility in nearby Cavan, SA. This means the product doesn’t have to travel far to reach customers in Angle Park. 

Angle Park is a popular residential area meaning that large water tanks may not be the most viable solution. Instead, in dwellings and residential areas where space comes at a premium, then the best option is to deploy either a small round poly water tank or a poly slimline water tank. Bushmans slimline water tanks are an excellent solution by nature of their space-saving design. They are manufactured in one piece using a process called rotomoulding. They are useful by the nature of their thin design. This means they can easily slide and fit in between tight spaces, e.g., around the side of the house. 

Where there is a need for larger levels of water and liquid storage, our customers in South Australia and Adelaide will often opt for our newly designed range of quality galvanised steel tanks. Bushmans newly designed range of Aqualine steel water tanks are kitted in our new facility in Dalby QLD and freighted to Adelaide for installation. They are assembled on site by our national network of accredited installers. With sizes ranging from 20,000L to 360,000L for sale – you are spoilt for choice. You can even choose what colour you would like your steel water tank to be!

If you’re looking for a quality water / liquid storage tank for sale in Angle Park and the surrounding Adelaide region, then send an enquiry to Bushmans today or give us a call on 1800 287 462


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