AGnVET Yeoval

16-18 Forbes Road, Yeoval NSW 2868

Central West NSW

AGnVET Yeoval
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Yeoval is a small village in the Central Western district of New South Wales, Australia.

In Yeoval, the climate is warm and subtropical, and gets about 648 mm of rainfall annually.

Although rainfall is fairly consistent, precipitation reaches typically reaches its peak in January (average 72mm) and tapers off in June (average of 38mm). The temperature in Yeoval averages at 16.2 °C.

AG n VET Yeoval is a stockist of agricultural supplies including irrigation products such as rainwater tanks. At AG n Vet Yeoval you can find Bushmans’ poly rainwater tanks. The range encompasses a selection of sizes, shapes, models and colours specifically designed for agricultural and domestic use, including tanks that suit smaller spaces.

Bushman tanks are built to last longer as they’re made of the Sunsmart material that provides protection from deteriorating rays from the Australian sun.


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