AGnVET Trundle

39 Forbes Road, Trundle NSW 2875

Central West NSW

AGnVET Trundle
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Trundle is a small town in Parkes Shire in the Central West of NSW.

The climate is warm and the area receives little rainfall. In a year, the average rainfall is 533 mm, which is below the average for Central West of NSW. Even in its wettest months, Trundle gets an average of 46 mm.

The average temperature in Trundle is 17.5 °C, averaging 33 °C in the hottest periods and dropping to 3°C in the coldest months.

AG n VET Trundle is a stockist of rural and agricultural products and the go to shop in Trundle. AG n VET Trundle stock a wide range of products required for running a farm business.

They’re stockists of water equipment and sell Bushmans’ poly rainwater tanks, which are available in a wide-ranging choice of colours and litre capacities suited for rural applications and households.


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