South Australia


Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the water treatment field.

State SA



Environmental Water Services specialises in the design, manufacturing and construction of sewage treatment plants, ground water treatment systems, potable water treatment operations, oil\water separation units and industrial waste water treatment plants. .

Project concept

Bushmans and the client partnered to fabricate the tanks to be incorporated into the water and sewage treatment system, so the sewage effluent and treated water could be stored in the tanks as part of the water treatment system. 

Products manufactured 

46,400 L  1.2 and 1.5 SG ratings






Bushman Tanks has demonstrated a solid commitment to communicating effectively with EWS and provided them with the tank designs and manufactured the tanks to an outstanding quality.

Environmental Water Services places a great deal of importance in its ability to deliver to their customers a reliable and cost-effective water and sewage treatment plants.

These plants have to be delivered on time to their client’s satisfaction and Bushmans mastered the production to guarantee the factory would have these tanks on time to be delivered to their water treatment facilities. 

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