600 Litre Circular Trough

TRW130 Trough

The TRW130 water trough is a 600 litre (158 Gal) round trough for use with both sheep and cattle. The trough is 1.57m (5’2”) wide at the top and 500mm (1’8”) high.

The TRW130 is ideal for use in a wide range of stock watering applications from the small hobby farm to larger properties as part of a networked stock watering scheme.

The trough is designed to be rigid providing a longer life, it is easy to install (no need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment) with a secure float valve. The float valve is simple to access with a simple one pin system enabling straightforward cleaning and adjustment. Plus, the trough has an easy to remove drain for cleaning or moving the trough to another location.

The Hansen poly float valve is a high quality valve which will last.

One of the real benefits of a poly trough is the wall have a level of flexibility which is soft on the legs of cattle reducing the risk of injury.

The standard blue trough colour is designed to standout in the paddock so it is easy to see when driving around or operating machinery.

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