5 Tap Rainsaver 57L/Min Electronic Self Priming Pump

The RS4E-INOX60S2MPCX Rainsaver is an automatic change over device. This is an electrical unit and is idea when a large water flow with higher pressure is required. The 240 V Rainsaver unit allows the house water system to change between the mains water and tank water seamlessly when the tank empties or fills. You never run out of water. One of the benefits of the Mk4 unit is the backflow prevention valve which prevents any tank water mixing with mains water. This is important to the various water utilities.

The unit is water marked and approved for all town water connections.

The Mark 4 Rainsaver has been in the field for many years dependable and reliable service.

The RS4E-INOX60S2MPCX Rainsaver unit includes a 5 tap pump which is ideal for applications where there is a need for additional water around the house or yard. The pump provides a reliable pressure along with a good flow rate.

The RS4E-INOX60S2MPCX is commonly used in larger households where there is a need for larger flows and pressures.

Rainsaver MK4E & BIA-INOX60S2MPCX
Stainless Steel 600W Electronic Self Priming Pump with Auto Restart

5 taps, 411kPa, 57L/m

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