46,400L TankSmart® Satellite

Bushmans poly 46,400 litre TankSmart® Satellite is an innovative new water tank that combines the tried and trusted poly water tank with a massive 46,400 litres of water storage capacity and a satellite connected water monitoring device.

The dimensions of the 46,400 litre rainwater tank are 4.60m in diameter, 2.95m inlet height and 3.16m total heigh, which provides an astonishing amount of liquid storage. Some features of the TankSmart® satellite 46,400L water tank are: 

  • Easily monitor your 46,400 litre water tank levels from anywhere in Australia. This includes isolated and remote parts of Australia, thanks to the low orbit satellite connectivity
  • The satellite device can provide readings up to 4 times a day directly to your phone or smart device via Bushmans app 
  • Reduce trips to check your water storage levels, which can save time, money and stress
  • Be alerted if there is a leak in your water tank due to the smart threshold settings, which can be specified to alert your smartphone when your water tank’s level breaches a certain threshold

For many Australians in remote and isolated locations there is a need to keep livestock and crops alive with remote water storage systems. These systems need to be checked to ensure that livestock and crops have the required water to survive the Australian weather. This can take hours of driving to manually check water levels for some rural situated Australians, which is why the TankSmart® satellite was designed. The TankSmart® satellite water tank provides a cost effective and innovative solution to remotely monitoring water supplies in Australia. Plus, the TankSmart® comes with a reliable 7 year battery life and has been designed and tested in Australia to handle the intense weather that Australia can deliver. 

If you are interested in saving time, money and effort with a TankSmart® satellite monitoring device then feel free to give our friendly sales professionals a call on 1800 008 888 today. Or, fill out a contact form and we will be in touch shortly to answer any questions you may have such as the price, delivery, dimensions and any additional accessories we have for sale. Take your water storage needs to the next level with TankSmart®.