3,200 Litre Domed Industrial Water Tank

3,200 Litre Domed Industrial Water Tank

The Bushmans TXD650 Domed Industrial Tank is ideal for applications where small capacity industrial tanks are needed.

The domed TXD650 is suitable for storing chemicals and wastewater. This tank is manufactured out of one-piece polyethylene plastic in a roto moulding machine. The manufacturing process is taking place at a high temperature as this prevents and possible leakages to occur.

Typically, our industrial range of water tanks are ideal in a wide range of industrial settings varying from waste and potable water storage to chemical storage, Bushmans industrial tanks have proved the ideal solution.

The Bushmans TXD650 Industrial tank is made using Bushmans Sunsmart® technology, ensuring the tank utility in Australia’s harsh climate. Bushmans factories are accredited to manufacture to the AS/NZS4766 tank standard. This is a quality stamp making certain that each tank is made according to our design standard. The TXD650 can be customised with a selection of industrial fittings so that the tank meets the operational requirements of a specific process.

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