15,000L TankSmart® Satellite

Bushmans 15,000 litre TankSmart® offers a new all in one, water tank and monitoring solution. TankSmart® combines a poly round water tank with 15,000 litres of liquid storage capacity and a smart monitoring device to easily monitor the levels of the stored water.

The dimensions of the 15,000 litre rainwater tank are 3.08m in diameter, 2.20m inlet height and 2.48m total height. This provides a large storage space for harvesting rainwater.The TankSmart® 15,000L water tank lets you:

  • Monitor your 15,000 litre water tank levels from anywhere in Australia via the Bushmans app on your smartphone. The TankSmart® satellite works even in the most remote locations in Australia. 
  •  Get readings at your fingertips via smartphone up to 4 times a day
  •  Save time and money by using your water more efficiently and reducing trips to check water storage levels
  •  Safeguard your crops and livestock from water shortages by understanding your water levels and usage. 

 Our 15,000 litre round poly TankSmart® water tank and the Agbot™ device is made in Australia* (*except the TankSmart® liquid sensor). The TankSmart® monitoring device has been engineered to survive the harsh Australian climate. Plus, with a seven year battery life you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or recharging devices.  

 By choosing Bushmans 15,000 litre round poly TankSmart® Satellite you acquire a new water tank with an innovative liquid monitoring sensor that:

  • Reads liquid levels at an unbeatable price point
  • Set custom thresholds to be altered when your liquid storage reaches a specified level
  • Easy to use and a cost-efficient way to manage and monitor rainwater storage level

If you are seeking a new water tank that has a built in smart liquid monitoring sensor, then TankSmart® is a cost effective solution. Fill out a contact form and one of our water tank specialists will be in touch with answers to any questions you may have, such as price, delivery, dimensions and additional accessories for sale. TankSmart® ensures you have full visibility over your water storage and usage, which can create peace of mind knowing you have your water storage and monitoring sorted.