15,000L TankSmart® Cellular

15,000L TankSmart® Cellular

 Bushmans poly 15,000L TankSmart® Cellular is an innovative product that combines a round water tank with 15,000 litres of liquid storage capacity and an Agbot™, a smart device that monitors the levels of the stored liquid. The cellular monitoring option is only available in areas with cellular coverage.

TankSmart® powered by Agbot™ is a revolutionary way to remotely monitor your rainwater tank’s level. It is a great solution for farmers and households to monitor their assets for a competitive price.

The dimensions of the 15,000 litre rainwater tank are 3.08m in diameter, 2.20m in inlet height and 2.48m in total height. This provides you with large storage space to store water.

This device allows you to: 

  • Monitor your 15,000 litre water tank levels in Australia via the Bushmans app on your smartphone, so you are always aware of your liquid levels
  •  Get readings directly to your smartphone up to 4 times a day, so you can take action when necessary
  • Save money on your water bills by monitoring and utilising your water more efficiently
  • Understand your liquid levels to prevent crop and livestock water shortages

 By choosing Bushmans round poly 15,000 litre TankSmart® Cellular powered by Agbot™,which are for sale, you receive a:

  • Robust and effective product at an unbeatable price
  • Easy, efficient, and cost-effiective way to manage rainwater

This round poly 15,000 litre TankSmart® water tank and the Agbot™ device are made in Australia* (*except for the Agbot  liquid sensor) and are designed to be robust and durable. The TankSmart monitoring device is also weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures, and has a long battery life of up to 7 years. When buying this water tank, you get access to the Bushmans app which is an intuitive app that provides water tank level and usage data. With this smart innovative tank and monitoring system, you can set up alerts to be notified when your rainwater tank levels hit a specified threshold.

Order your Bushmans TankSmart® powered by Agbot™ now by calling 1800 287 462 and give your property a large 15,000 litre asset. One of our water tank experts will provide more information about this water tank's dimensions and price. Buy now and create peace of mind knowing you will always be aware of your rainwater tank levels.