Will It Work For You?

Review the checklist below to find out if rotational moulding will work for your product:

  • Is it a complex product with a unique shape?
    Rotomoulded products can be designed to fit almost any shape. Today we can mould products from 1 kg to 1000 kgs, from 0.1m to 4.0m.
  • Would it work best as one part rather than an assembled piece?
    Rotomoulding can save you time, money and risk by consolidating multiple components into one finished piece.
  • Does it need to be corrosion-resistant?
    Plastics will not rust, so rotomoulded parts work great on equipment that undergoes stress and tough weather conditions.
  • Does it need to be water-resistant?
    Rotomoulded plastics are perfect for in-ground pits, floats, outdoor containers, boats and other water-related equipment.
  • Does it need to be chemical-resistant?
    Our plastics are engineered to resist most chemicals. We can provide chemical resistant charts that will guide you on suitability.
  • Does it need to hold materials?
    Because rotomoulded plastics are water- and chemical-resistant, they’re ideal for tanks and other containers.
  • Does it need special surface finishes, such as engravings, lifting points, or textured surfaces?
    With rotomoulding, it’s possible to add these finishing touches. You can even include a specialised colour graphic that will mould into the plastic, so your logo won’t peel off or flake away.