Tank Rebates

These rebates apply to the installation of household tanks, rural water tanks and other water-efficient products and appliances. The links below will take you to federal and state departments and authorities who have a water tank rebate or subsidy program. It must be noted that these programs vary from state to state and change frequently, we therefore recommend that you contact your local council to get the most up to date information for your area.

Federal Government Rebates

No current federal government water tank rebates on offer at the moment.

State Government Rebates

  • NSW Rebates
  • VIC Rebates – Currently no rebates available
  • SA Rebates – Currently there are no rebates available but you can keep up to date by visiting this site.
  • QLD Rebates –¬†The Queensland Government’s Home and Garden WaterWise and ClimateSmart rebates have ended. ¬†Other rebates may be available through local councils.

Local Government Rebates

    Please see below for a list of some of the rebates currently being offered. Please note that not all council water tank rebate programs are listed. Check with local council to see rebates available.

Check your local council for more rebate offers.