What are Retention/Detention Systems & Why They are Important


Detention tanks allow a temporary storage of rainwater, so whenever the water tank is full the water will be released slowly through a controlled small outlet into the storm water system. By releasing water slowly this prevents large volumes of storm water overloading the stormwater system thus reducing the pressure on the public water system, as illustrated below.

But detention tanks can also be used to retain rainwater. By having a large tank the retained water that sits below the outlet can be used in multiple ways, such as general garden use, toilets, laundry, or general plumbing. The following is a typical above ground  detention/retention tank installation. 



Due to the changing climate Australia has seen abnormal weather conditions and high rain fall. This has resulted in unprecedented flooding in parts of Australia that are not usually subject to severe flooding. Councils have the responsibility to plan and develop their water systems capacity but as the population grows and weather patterns change the existing water infrastructure needs to adapt to these changes.


The use of retention/detention water tanks offers one way that people can help with this problem. As Bushmans mission is to save Australia’s water, Bushmans offer some of the best water tanks in Australia with a wide range of water tank sizes and shapes to suit the available space and the water storage requirements of households, farms and commercial businesses.

Rainwater tanks have been mandated in several states where homes, farms, industrial and commercial developments need to have rainwater tanks installed on site. Bushmans water tank specialists make it easy and help guide the purchase and installation of a rainwater tank to meet council requirements.

Bushmans  aims to ease the stress that comes with construction projects providing experts that will not only offer some of Australia’s best water tanks including  polyethylene plastic (poly) water tanks, slimline tanks, and aquiline steel liner water tanks. Bushmans water tank specialists will also bring the knowledge of operating in the industry for over 30 years. With these years of experience Bushmans has worked on private projects, public projects and commercial projects and is one of Australia’s leading water tank manufacturers.

Below is a table that shows how the use of water tanks can contribute to minimising the stormwater runoff, flooding, and have environmental impacts.

Solution Usability Impact
Home water tanks
  • Around the house and garden
  •  Cut down on water costs
  • Minimise flooding because water tanks hold and slowly release stormwater once full
Farming water tanks
  • Irrigation
  • Livestock watering systems
  • Stock and domestic water systems
  • Water conservation
  • Maintain healthy farm population
  • Cut down on water costs
  • Reduces the pressure on local rivers
Industrial water and Chemical tanks
  • Cooling water
  •  Washing down
  • Food production
  • Cleaning
  • Chemicals can be managed on site and without leakage due the use of polyethylene plastic
  • Storing oil, sludge, fuel
  • Cut down on water costs
  • Secure chemicals are not released to the environment
  • Because they are custom-manufactured, we can reduce raw material waste (polyethylene plastic)


Bushmans provides Australia with high quality and value for money water and liquid storage tanks and related products. Our extensive range of products for sale includes quality water storage solutions and tank accessories for a variety of different applications in rural, industrial and urban settings.

From small to large, poly tanks to steel, Bushmans manufacturers an immense range of water tank sizes and solutions for agricultural, industrial, and residential use. Our Poly water tanks for sale range in size from 1,000 litres to 46,400 litres. Slimline water tanks are ideal for locations where space is tight. Bushmans Aqualine steel water tanks range in size from 20,000 litres through to 360,000 litres. In addition to water tanks, Bushmans also offers water tank fittings, pumps, and accessories for sale, as well as a large selection of agricultural products, such as troughs and feeders.

Bushmans products are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harsh Australian climate.  If you are interested in enquiring about a quality water tank, give Bushmans a call on 1800 008 888 or fill out a contact form and one of our friendly tank specialists will be in touch.

Author: Luana Teixeira