Water Tanks are Essential to 1.3 million Australians

Farmer in Australia

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is spreading throughout our community, and around the world. The impact on people, the health system and the economy is enormous. We fully support the efforts all levels of healthcare and government are doing to manage this crisis.

COVID-19 is here, and governments and health authorities have to make decisions as how to slow the spread of this virus, and in doing so, reduce the impact it will have on our people and our country. One of the most challenging aspects is the need to close down businesses and institutions so the spread of the virus slows.

Deciding what is an essential product or service, and what is not, is a tough and complex process. We appreciate the difficulties those making the decisions have to go through.

The water tank industry has done a review and we have observed the many places and instances where water tanks are used. We believe that water tanks are an essential. This is especially the case in country areas where they are a part of daily life.

The key sectors where water tanks are essential is where they are used for agricultural production, including livestock, water and crop production, and water treatment and management. Another crucial area is for household use, including drinking water where there is no alternative to mains water. There are 767,000 households who rely on rainwater tanks as their main source of drinking water. If you take an average of 3 people per house that is 1.3 million people or over 5% of the Australian population.

At present, there is a further complicating factor for communities already challenged; the fact that the recent bushfires destroyed not only houses and buildings but also many water tanks. The affected areas are still in recovery, replacement water tanks are still needed, and many are short of water for basic household use. These tanks will also be required in preparation for the next bushfire season.

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Download Bushmans White Paper – Water Tank Manufacturing – An Essential Industry in Australia HERE.

Photo by Bec Ritchie

Author: H Lindholm