Outback Climate Smart Home & Bushmans Partnership

Sustainability has become an increasingly more important issue for Australians, shaping our lifestyles and construction practices. The importance of adopting sustainable practices cannot be overstated for Australians in 2023. However, for farmers living in remote areas, embracing sustainability often presents its own set of challenges. The task of constructing environmentally conscious homes in distant locations proves challenging. These farmers not only contend with the geographical isolation that accompanies their lifestyle but also grapple with the financial pressures of creating homes that are both eco-friendly and economically feasible.  

Anika Molesworth PHD, a farmer, scientist, and public figure is creating a project called “Outback Climate Smart Home” – an innovative solution set to revolutionise the approach of remote communities to rural housing. Anika has taken her professional attitude towards environmentally conscious behaviours and applied it to a problem she and many others in rural Australia are facing. By taking a sustainability forward approach she is set to spark imagination and conversations. 

Anika’s mission is to create the true rural home of the future in Broken Hill, NSW to inspire Australians to think boldly and to think about the future and futureproofing our living environment. The house is completely off-grid and is situated on her family’s sheep station in amongst the stunningly beautiful Barrier Ranges.  

She mentions that “The house is to be an exemplar of sustainable living, incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials, natural products, and the highest water and energy efficiency. It is incredibly exciting to be working with the latest innovations and products which we plan to showcase far and wide and inspire people across Australia to create climate smart homes”. 

Anika approached Bushmans tanks to see if we would be interested in participating in the sustainable climate smart home project. As Bushmans mission is to ‘Save Australia’s Water’ this aligned perfectly with our mission of helping modern Australians embrace rainwater harvesting.   


A short video outlining the Outback Climate Smart Home


The Need for Sustainability in Remote Living 

Remote-living farmers face many challenges that residential Australians do not have to consider. Farmers and rural Australians frequently find themselves contending with isolation and limited resources. One of the most essential elements to living a healthy life is water, and rural Australian can find it difficult to source and maintain enough fresh water. In arid environments where water is a precious commodity, the efficient use and conservation of this resource is paramount. By securing a fresh water supply in a rural location, their lifestyle, livestock and crops are protected. The traditional style of housing in rural areas has not always accommodated sustainable practices due to location based resources and delivery, lack of knowledge about sustainability and new technologies. 

This is where innovative solutions like the one proposed by Anika Molesworth’s – Outback Climate Smart Home are important. By creating, a completely sustainable rural house on a budget Anika is helping others by creating an outline or blueprint to follow and build their own climate smart houses.  There has never been a time better to consider adopting some smart, low cost and sustainable practices into your new or existing home.  

Bushmans truck arriving to deliver tanks to the Outback Climate Smart Home


Bushmans Support for the Outback Climate Smart Home project 

Bushmans water tanks mission is to ‘Save Australia’s Water’, whether you are residential or rural we want to spread the word about rainwater harvesting and water conservation.  We hear a lot “it just needs to hold water”, but an innovative system of water tanks is so much more than that, it can be a lifeline in times of drought and fire. Bushmans water tanks offer a tough solution to the pressing issue of water scarcity and are engineered to capture, store, and distribute rainwater efficiently. Water tanks provide farmers and rural Australians with a reliable water source by rainwater harvesting. Alternatively, water tanks can be hooked up to bore water, dams and other water sources and pumped to where it is needed.  

Bushmans offers water tanks with sizes ranging from 660L of water capacity up to 360,000L that can provide a cost efficient rainwater storage system for all Australians.  


Bushmans Customer Care showcasing the lifting lugs built into the 30,000 litre water tank

Designing the Climate Smart Home 

 The objective of the “Outback Climate Smart Home” is to create awareness around sustainable and affordable living in remote and rural Australia. Anika Molesworth’s innovative home concept encompasses two main ideologies, ‘is it sustainable‘ and ‘is it practical/affordable?’  

After Anika reached out to Bushmans to see if we would like to assist with this project, Bushmans provided her with some options for rural living without mains water supply. Anika decided to go with two of our TXD6500 30,000 litre poly water tanks as the foundation of her smart home’s water supply. Our tanks function as reservoirs of captured rainwater, which is then harnessed for various domestic needs, from irrigation to sanitation and livestock maintenance. Beyond water management, the “Outback Climate Smart Home” design stands as a model of an energy efficient and eco-friendly rural home.  

Additionally, the design champions water recycling, where greywater from domestic activities is treated and repurposed, further reducing water waste (confirm with anika).  



At its heart, the “Outback Climate Smart Home” and its innovative approach champions the importance of sustainability, future proofing housing and affordability, which presents many advantages. Short term benefits include reduced utility bills but more importantly it provides long term benefits for future generations and the environment.

If you would like to learn more about Anika’s journey to build the Outback Climate Smart Home you can visit her website here: https://www.outbacksmarthome.com/ 

Outback Climate Smart Home & Bushmans Partnership
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Outback Climate Smart Home & Bushmans Partnership
Bushmans Tanks has provided support to Anika Molesworth PHD, farmer and scientist to help her with her project Outback Climate Smart Home.
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