Mandatory Rainwater Tanks QLD

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From September 1st 2014 new houses and larger commercial buildings in Toowoomba QLD will be required to have rainwater tanks installed. This council policy aims to provide supplementary water to the community especially in times of drought.
The Toowoomba council has indicated that their analysis of rainwater tank installation is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of providing supplementary water to the community. The cost benefit analysis that the council has done shows savings in the order of $38m in deferring or forgoing future supply and infrastructure requirements.

Requirements for mandatory rainwater tanks in Toowoomba

New Houses:
• Roof Collection Area – Rain water harvest water from at least 50% of the roof area or 100m2 (whichever is less of the two)
• Plumbed to House – Toilets, washing machines, at least one outdoor tap
• Minimum Capacity – 5,000 litres (1100 gallons) (where the site has an area or 250m² or more)
• 45,000 litres (in a Rural Zone and Rural Residential Zone)

Requirements for Commercial Buildings:
• Applies to class 5-9 buildings: o Roof Collection Area – Rainwater harvested from at least 50% of the roof area
•Plumbed to the Building – Toilets, all wash down areas and outdoor taps
•Minimum Capacity – 3,000 litres (660 gallons) per 100m² of roof area

The implementation of this new policy will be delayed to allow for existing applications not to be affected and allow builders time to adjust their specifications.
Bushmans is a local manufacturer of rainwater tanks and will be working with builders, plumbers and the community to support the smooth implementation of this product.

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Author: Bushman Tanks