Fire Fighting Water Storage Considerations

Fire fighting of a wild bush fire

Did you know that over 50% of all new sheds do not have a water tank installed!

The installation of water tanks around the house and shed in regional areas allows rural fire fighters to quickly refill their tankers and get back to the job of putting out fires that pose a huge risk to people and property, especially in times of heat and drought.
Tank Fittings:
One of the keys to having available water for fire trucks and crews is to have the Stortz specialist fittings installed into the tank. These fittings allow the fire trucks’ filling hoses to connect directly to the tank which enables fast filling of the tanker. The tanks can also be fitted with a vortex inhibitor which will help maximise the flow of water out of the tank.

Once the water tank is installed, it is important to ensure there is easy access to the tanks. The area next to the tanks should be able to accommodate two appliances or trucks with suction hose connections at a time. It is important to keep the area around the tank clear of any vegetation or foliage that could ignite and block access to the tank during a fire. Regular maintenance and clearance of the areas around the tank should be undertaken. This access and clearance speeds up the refilling process and makes the site safer for the fire fighters.

How Much Water Should I Store:
If your property is in a higher bushfire risk zone you may want to consider connecting the tank to dedicated fire hoses or setting up a sprinkler system to protect your property. Remember if you do install a tank, a minimum of 10,000 litres is required. Any tank that holds less than 10,000 litres of water will be insufficient to fill a fire truck or to be used around the house or other buildings. The hoses and fittings used should be able to withstand being dragged through an active fire.
If a tank is being installed for both firefighting water and for use around the property then a larger tank should be selected. The tank fittings can then be arranged to ensure there will always be water available for firefighting. For example, a 30,000 litre tank could be installed where 20,000 litres is available for use around the property and 10,000 litres for fighting fire

Bushmans has a long term commitment to rural and regional Australia, having operated in these regions since 1989. Our manufacturing plants are in regional Australia and we have been proudly supporting the rural fire fighting service for over 26 years. Bushmans manufactures a wide range of water tanks for firefighting and their range includes tanks specifically made for industrial applications.

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