Bushmans Sponsorship of the Dalby Devils JRL Club

Dalby is a town in Queensland with a love for Rugby League. League has been played in town since 1920, growing and becoming a staple in the community. The Dalby Leagues Club is the home of two local Rugby League clubs, the Mighty Devils and the Dominant Diehards, both compete in the Toowoomba Rugby League Competition.

Built in 1987, Dalby Leagues Club (DLC) supports not only youth development through the sport, but also fundraising and donation games, raising up to $80K annually. This amount goes back to the community, contributing to the local economy.

Bushmans shares the commitment to supporting and giving back to the community. In 2023, Bushmans is proudly sponsoring the under 17 Girls and Boys of the Dalby Devils Junior Rugby League.


Marina Thompson and Peter Adams from Bushmans Tanks, Dalby QLD.


This partnership has started with Bushmans donating resources and time to repair the dugouts at the clubs oval. Also, helping with the overall maintenance of the Dalby League Club sporting ovals. In 2023, Bushmans will be the major sponsor for the 10/06/2023 game.  Bushmans will supply the junior players with jerseys for the game! Also, the girls and boys will run a charity round to fundraise and donate for their chosen charity.

As sport is such an important factor in Australia and helps brings families and communities together, the partnership between Bushmans and the Dalby League Club is exciting because Bushmans aims to save Australia’s water and give back to local communities! Bushmans is proud to sponsor a distinguished club who are recognised for their community commitment to the Dalby Devils Junior Rugby League.

Bushmans make some of the best water tanks in Australia and with one of our manufacturing facilities in Dalby, QLD it made sense to partner up with The Dalby League Club. To celebrate the partnership, Bushmans is offering an exclusive web shop offer on tanks up to and including 5000 litre water tanks. Use the code “DalbyDevils” at the checkout to receive 10% off your web shop order. Terms and conditions apply, ends 31 March 2023. Bushmans web shop has a great range of small round poly water tanks for sale and slimline water tanks from 1000 litres to 5000 litres for sale. Buy Bushmans water tanks online (up to 5000L) at any time whilst supporting a local Bushmans reseller with every sale.




Author: Luana Teixeira