Critical issue – safe storage of chemicals and waste water onsite

Chemical and Waste Water Tanks

Finding the right storage solution – chemicals and waste water

When it comes to the safe storage of toxic chemicals and waste water, the solution has to be correct first time. With stringent Government regulations and potential harmful effects to the environment, safe storage is an ongoing issue on mine sites all over Australia.

There are a wide range of safe storage options available and it is important that the right product is used for the right application.

Step 1 – Identify the chemical that will be stored

It is crucial to clearly identify the chemical to be stored as this will determine the type of tank and fittings required. With some chemicals being corrosive to metal and some to plastic, this is a very important stage in purchasing a storage tank. In addition to the specific chemical to be stored, the temperature and concentration also need to be taken into account. Here is a chemical resistance chart which will help with your selection –

Step 2 – Determine size of tank/s needed
This will depend on the specific requirements of the customer

Step 3 – Is a bunded tank required?
A bund is an extra security to ensure that no leakage occurs from the storage facility. It is a physical barrier that historically was made from concrete but now polyethylene bunds provide a safe and cost effective way of providing spill containment. Just like the tank itself, the bund will need to be fit for purpose and non-corrosive to the chemical being stored.

Other things to take into consideration:
•    Location of the tanks on the site
•    The way the tanks will be filled and emptied
•    Breathing and fume issues

With so many options, the Bushmans Industrial experts will walk customers through the process, explaining customised fittings where necessary to ensure site safety.

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