Bushmans Plan to Minimise the Risks Associated with Coronavirus

August 2021

Bushmans acknowledges that the events surrounding the Covid-19 is having a major impact around the world and within the Australian community, both from a health and economic perspective. During this time, we at Bushmans recognise the need to be vigilant in the production, handling and delivery of our products and the interactions we have with our customers, suppliers, and the community.

Bushmans management team have been continually monitoring, planning, and managing the risks associated with the outbreak of Covid 19 for our staff, customers, and the community. As we prepare and respond, our number one priority will always be the safety of our employees and customers.

Bushmans have implemented a range of measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection in our workforce and to be able to quickly respond if there is an infection of one or more of our staff. This includes the steps we are taking to minimise, wherever possible, any impacts on our customers and/or your business.


  • Bushmans continues to be in full operation both from a production and delivery perspective.
  • Deliveries are still being booked in and customers are getting their tanks delivered and installed.
  • Our delivery drivers are taking additional safety precautions to ensure our customers and our drivers themselves are safe.

These measures include:

Bushmans continues to be in full operation both from a production and delivery perspective.

  • No handshakes or close personal contact.
  • Regular and prolonged hand cleaning with both soap and hand disinfectant.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfectant of trucks and equipment.
  • Social distancing with customers, including sticking to the 1.5 metre rule (personal space of a minimum of 1.5m in all directions).

Bushmans Staff

Bushmans continues to be in full operation both from a production and delivery perspective.

  • Regular staff briefings on the latest recommendations.
  • Communication and posters about best practice personal cleaning and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Additional cleaning of the workplace especially where there is equipment shared between operators.
  • Regular monitoring of staff to ensure no one is turning up to work sick.
  • Separation of staff to reduce the risk between staff members, including having some staff work from home, and separating shifts so there is no contact between the shifts.

Visiting a Bushmans site

Bushmans manufacturing and distribution sites are operating under a Covid-19 safety plan which includes all visitors checking with their local state QR Code, the requirement to wear a mask when stipulated by local health orders, social distancing, and the following of hand hygiene requirements.

This will ensure we keep our customers, safe and the community safe.


Bushmans has been operating since 1989 and under the current ownership and management since 2009. This longevity in the market and stable management means we are well positioned to respond to the challenges this national and global health crisis.

Our staff have been regularly communicated to, and they understand our customers come first, along with their health, and the well-being of all Bushmans staff.

The Bushmans team have updated on our response plan and are committed to ensuring we are able to overcome the current and rapidly evolving challenges this pandemic presents.

We have been communicating with our supply chain to ensure they have plans in place to reduce the risk of infection on their sites and confirming they have business continuity plans in place to ensure we continue to get raw materials as they are required.

We know with Covid-19, or Corona virus, the government, and particularly the health professionals advising them, are constantly reviewing what needs to be done to reduce the spread within Australia.

We will continue to monitor and adjust as the advice from the government is updated.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate in calling Bushmans state offices on 1800 008 888 or Ozpoly on 07 4061 4544.

Chris Glenn
Managing Director
Bushmans Group Pty Limited

Author: H Lindholm