Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting 

We all knew that the farmer relies on rain water harvesting, literally for their survival. However, rainwater harvesting offers other significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

One of the benefits is that when using rainwater harvesting systems for our water supply – for some – or most of our water requirements – our dependence on mains water dramatically reduce.

The use of independent water has obvious economic benefits – rain water is free. All that is needed is rainwater harvesting system. A rainwater harvesting system comprises of various parts which are interacting; rain, roof and collection, tank, pump and rainwater uses [1].  The rain water tank used should be a high-quality poly water tank or a steel liner tank.

When a rain harvesting system is put in place, the demand of using potable water is reduced. This has a triple effect that is both economic, social and environmental. The use of rain harvested water reduces pressure on future water infrastructure cost, reducing the cost to both society and its citizens. This is the reason as to why rainwater harvesting is thought of an integrated water solution, one part of an infrastructure that has numerous benefits at several levels, also environmental. [2]

Rain water is of the highest quality and it is not treated with chemicals, which is the case of mains water. In other words, there is a health benefit in rain harvesting. A rainwater harvesting system installed in the right manner propels the system to function in such a way so that the water is naturally treated. Many of many of the potential contamination issues that may be associated with a roof catchment are eliminated. In addition, rain water the taste of rain water is superior.


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Courtesy Rain Harvesting Knowledge

Author: H Lindholm