Specialised steel fire protection water storage, engineered to comply with Australian Standards

Bushmans is pleased to announce a new product specifically engineered for buildings and industrial operations that are used for the protection of life, property and the environment in the event of fire. Aqualine fire protection tanks are suitable for use with automatic sprinkler, hydrant and fire hose systems in commercial, industrial and large scale residential and health related buildings.

Since 2011, water storage for fire protection in larger buildings must comply with Australian Standards AS2304 and AS2119. These standards dictate requirements for the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of bolted steel circular water tanks for use with fire protection systems. These rigorous guidelines have governed the leading-edge design of the Bushmans fire protection range, and these tanks are manufactured to the highest standard and quality testing required of all Bushmans products.

As a specialist tank manufacturer since 1989, Bushmans has more than 30 years of experience in tank manufacturing. Our skilled team of engineers can customise and innovate, allowing us to manufacture a variety of tanks in both steel and polyethylene to meet the specific requirements of our customers for their commercial, agricultural, domestic or industrial applications. With five manufacturing and distribution operations in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, our broad distribution network ensures you are never far from a water tank that will safeguard your water supply and ensure you have enough when you need it and what you need it for.

Our Aqualine commercial fire protection water storage tanks are our latest innovation, engineered to be relied on in the event of fire to protect people and property.

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Author: H Lindholm