$20 Million Additional Support Drought Affected Farmers NSW


Rebate and incentive schemes are there to help you financially while you help the environment. In Australia, a major concern for our land and environment is drought. We simply do not have enough water and this is a huge concern, especially for farmers whose livelihood depends on it.

A new Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate (EWIR) scheme has just been introduced for farmers who are most affected by drought in NSW. $20 million has been allocated to this scheme in order to provide additional support for farmers so that they can establish permanent water infrastructure. According to the NSW Government this will assist with the immediate water supply needs and long-term mitigation for the farm enterprise. [www.raa.nsw.gov.au/assistance/emergency-water-infrastrucure-rebate]. On-farm emergency water infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, pipelines, bores, tanks and troughs.

This scheme is to run until the 30th of June 2015 and the availability of rebates is subject to the funds being available.

The NSW Government explains that the main purpose of this scheme is to provide assistance to farmers and primary producers in severely drought affected areas, with the establishment of water infrastructure to supply water for animal welfare needs. [http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/540492/Scheme-Information-and-Gudelines-V-1.1.pdf]
By providing support and encouraging farmers to establish long-term water infrastructure, the aim is to reduce the long-term mitigation risk for the farm enterprise.
HOW IT WORKS: The NSW Government are making sure that this scheme will be allocated to those who need it most. They have made some important changes to eligibility guidelines.
The following apply;

»This rebate scheme is only available to those farm businesses who experience a one-in-50-year rainfall deficiency as identified by the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) latest rainfall data. The Rural Assistance Authority is currently working with the Bureau of Meteorology to finalise guidelines to determine which areas meet the one-in-50-year drought criteria.

» Prior to the commencement of any on-farm works, the applicant must seek pre-approval from the Rural Assistance Authority or they will not be eligible to apply for this rebate.
» Once pre-approved, farmers will then be able to claim 50% of the cost of purchase, delivery and, if applicable, the labour cost to engage a person to install water infrastructure installed for animal welfare needs. The maximum that can be claimed is $20,000 per farm enterprise. The maximum amount includes any rebate already received under this program since November 2013.

»The scheme will close on 30 June 2015 or when the funding allocation is exhausted.
[http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/540399/emergency-water-infrastructure-rebate-factsheet.pdf] [http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/540492/Scheme-Information-and-Gudelines-V-1.1.pdf

The rebate can be used for a range of projects, including:
– Installation of bores;
– New water storage tanks;
– Pumps and pipelines;
– Stock troughs; and
– De-silting of dams, if the property does not have access to good-quality groundwater and relies on surface water

Adam Marshall, the MP for Northern Tablelands stated
“Most of the Northern Tablelands – from Walcha up to Armidale, Guyra and Glen Innes and out through Inverell and Moree – is among the most rain deficient regions in the State over the last 12 to 24 months and I therefore expect many of our local farmers will be able to take advantage of this much-needed scheme.” You can read his full article at http://www.adammarshall.com.au/regions-producers-to-access-nsw-water-infrastructure-funding/

The allocated areas have been suffering from severe drought over the past year and it appears that farmers are struggling. This new scheme will help to solve some problems for farmers in these affected areas. If you are a farmer living in this area and are affected by drought Bushmans encourages you to get in contact with the Rural Assistance Authority to discuss your eligibility www.raa.nsw.gov.au.

For a list of frequently asked questions and answers please visit http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/540499/Frequently-Asked-Questions-V-1.0.pdf

For up-to-date information and guides please visit www.bushmantanks.com.au/nsw-rebates

Bushmans has been supplying the rural communities with water tanks and other agricultural products since 1989. We work closely with our farming customers to ensure we provide the correct water infrastructure for their farm.

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Author: Bushman Tanks