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Nathalia Water Tanks
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Looking for a water tank in Nathalia, Victoria? Bushmans has a slimline, large round poly or premium galvanised steel water tank for any situation! Nathalia is a small town located in Northern Victoria, Australia. It is a few hours drive from Melbrourne. Therefore, securing a water supply is very important and Bushmans can supply you with a high quality, premium rainwater tank!  

The farming and industry in Nathalia is mainly cropping and dairy farming. As Nathalia has a farm and manufacturing industry, the industrial sector would be familiar with water storage tanks and storage solutions. Bushmans offers all of Eastern Australia a wide range of water tank and storage solutions. These tanks are for sale in Nathalia.

Whether it’s for the home or farm, Buhmans has a water tank for you! Bushmans Industrial provides solutions to the farm, business, and residential sectors. These storage tanks include molasses, chemical, chlorine, AdBlue, fertiliser and other options. Our expert industrial team works closely with the business to supply a fully customised tank to provide solutions for commercial and industrial sectors.

Nathalia residents who are looking for a thin, sleek, space efficient rainwater tank that can easily be installed down the side of the house, will find many options to select from in our slimline range.

Bushmans Tanks offers a flexible and wide range of water tank and storage solutions! What are Bushmans poly water tanks made out of? Bushmans rainwater tanks are manufactured in a single piece for strength and made from UV stabilised polyethylene. The water tanks are made from Bushmans Sunsmart® technology, which is an improved raw material that provides a longer tank life in Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Plus, Bushmans plastic is BPA free, fully recyclable and manufactured in Australia. Bushmans Tanks for sale are all quality tested and certified to meet Australian standards. As Bushmans has a large network of resellers, and is Australian owned, you support your local reseller and an Australian owned and operated company. Plus, delivery is free If you are in Melbourne, VIC, or Nathalia


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