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Ipswich Water Tanks
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Water tanks are a part of life in Ipswich. You’ll find an array of different tank styles in this area, however most commonly you will find poly and steel water tanks. The region lends itself to a variety of different shapes and sizes of rainwater tanks. This is due to the variability in the density of properties around Ipswich. Bushmans has been servicing this area from our facility in Dalby QLD for over three decades now. Rainwater tanks here are an essential part of life here and you’ll find them attached to most buildings.

With a climate of hot and humid summers, mild to warm winters with cool overnight temperatures and heavy summer storms, Ipswich relies on water tanks for several applications. Water tanks are used extensively for rainwater harvesting around the Ipswich region. However, as is the case around many parts of Queensland and Australia, water tanks are crucial for stormwater management. This is due to areas being particularly susceptible to flooding. Water tanks in Ipswich are commonly used for stormwater retention and detention – which are integral elements in managing stormwater runoff.

Ipswich is unique in the sense that you will find both large rural properties, even farms, but you will also find urban smaller properties. On these smaller properties, space is often a concern when deciding which water tank you should buy. Bushmans luckily has a range of high quality premium water tanks in different materials for sale. Bushmans offers customers in Queensland and across eastern Australia a variety of different tank options, ranging from small plastic tanks in round and slimline shapes for use around the house, larger poly tanks for bigger properties, and even larger galvanised steel tanks, often used for a farm or large-scale property.

Whether you are a householder looking for a round or slimline rainwater tank for the home, or a business looking for a tailored industrial solution in the Ipswich area, send an enquiry to Bushmans. We have a vast network of resellers across Australia ready to take your order. The Bushmans Customer Care delivery team are expertly trained to get your tank to you as quickly and with the highest level of service possible. Bushmans Tanks in QLD are manufactured from our facility in Dalby and delivered straight to the customer, or in some cases to the reseller. If you live or operate a business around the Ipswich area – send Bushmans an enquiry or give us a call on 1800 287 462.



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