D & M Rural Pty Ltd

10 Dukes Highway, Bordertown SA 5268

South East SA

D & M Rural Pty Ltd
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Bordertown is a small South Australian town near the SA and Victorian border.

The climate in Bordertown is generally warm and dry with mild winters. Bordertown’s yearly rainfall averages 484 mm, most of which arrives in the winter months. Summers are hot and dry and occasionally prone to droughts.

At D & M Rural in Bordertown, their expert team will assist you in choosing the best products for the health of your animals and the running of your farm. All the team members at the store are highly experienced and are specialised in water equipment, irrigation and horticulture.

They stock a variety of high quality brands, including Bushmans water tanks. Bushmans was established in 1989 and have a vast range of rainwater tanks built in one piece and made from a material resisting the damaging rays from the sun – Sunsmart®. D & M Rural in Bordertown is an independent trader and member of CRT.


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