Hunter Valley Mine Site Project


Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the water treatment field.

State NSW


What Product is Stored?

Process water from the mine site.

Description of Customer Operations

Coal Mining

Description of what the tank is used for (What process is it in):

The tanks store over 450,000 litres of water for large demand applications, predominately for dust suppression on haul roads, water is pumped into tankers and sprayed onto heavy traffic areas.

What Size and SG rated Tank is installed

The tanks are a group of 10 x 46,000 Litre, Industrial Grade, manufactured to SG 1.2 with factory fitted DN250 & DN300 stub flanges.

Description of the benefits of the Bushmans Tank to this customer:

This is a turn-key solution for the large volumes of water storage required in this application where Bushman’s fabricated and installed the tank flanges and fittings as per the customer’s construction drawings. This allowed all the pipe work to be prefabricated prior to installation. Once the tanks were delivered to site, the connection and commissioning was quickly completed providing a fast, robust system that will satisfy the rigorous demands of most mining applications.

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Additional safety and hygiene measures have been implemented.