Introducing Bushmans TankSmart® Tanks – Revolutionising Water Tanks

Bushmans TankSmart® Tanks

Bushmans and Agbot™ have partnered to develop Bushmans TankSmart®, an innovative liquid level monitor management solution for the residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. Agbot™ is a leading provider of digital liquid level monitors and Bushmans is a leading manufacturer of water tanks and liquid storage solutions. As weather conditions change in Australia the need for smart and innovative water storage solutions increases.

As Bushmans is a leading manufacturer of water tanks in Australia and has the mission to save Australia’s water, we have recently launched a new product range called TankSmart®, that comes with a cellular or satellite liquid level monitor, designed to make water management easier and more efficient.

Innovating Water Tanks

TankSmart® tanks are a new product range from Bushmans that combines the benefits of traditional water tanks with the latest in water monitoring technology. TankSmart® tanks are equipped with a satellite or cellular liquid level monitoring device that allows you to track your tank level from your smartphone.

Some advantages of the new TankSmart® tanks are:

  •        available in a variety of sizes, including 10000L, 15000L, 22500L, 25000L, 30000L, and 46400L. So, you can choose the right size tank for your needs. With a water storage system on your property you store more water for use during dry periods
  •        tanks are available in a variety of colours to match your home or business
  •        Australian-owned and made from high-quality materials and are built to last
  •        the tank comes with 10-year guarantee and the TankSmart® device comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty
  •        comes in two different forms of liquid level monitoring, cellular or satellite.


TankSmart® tanks are a great way to improve water management and reduce water waste. In addition, they have several features that help to prevent water from being wasted. Threshold levels can be set in the Bushmans app, with alerts sent via email or text message when a breach occurs, plus a traditional built-in outlet lets water drain from the tank once the tank gets full.


Image: 22,500L TankSmart tank close up

The role of technology in addressing water management issues

In the era of technology, we are seeing an increasingly important role for technology in addressing water management and agricultural issues. Technology can be used to improve water efficiency, reduce water waste and protect the environment.

The water industry, like most other industries, has embraced technology and is increasingly transitioning to smart and connected solutions. Accordingly, smart water solutions use sensors, data analytics, and other technologies to collect and analyse data about water usage and infrastructure.

Furthermore, TankSmart® integrated tanks are a great way to improve your water management and make sure you always have enough water on hand.



Key Features and Benefits of Bushmans TankSmart® Tanks


  •       Satellite or cellular monitoring: TankSmart® tanks can be monitored using either satellite or cellular technology.  Satellite and Cellular monitors have up to 4 reads a day and the cellular monitor has up to 24 threshold checks per day. This means that you can track your tank level even in remote areas via the Satellite monitor.
  •        long battery life: TankSmart® devices have a battery life of up to 7 years.
  •       Australian made: TankSmart® tanks are made in Australia, built to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  •        accurate liquid level tracking: TankSmart® devices track liquid level with accuracy up to 1%, so you know how much water you have in your tank
  •        data-driven insights for optimal water usage: TankSmart® devices provide data-driven insights into your water usage. As a result, this data can be used to identify leaks and other problems, and to help you optimise your water usage
  •        remote accessibility and control: TankSmart® levels can be viewed remotely using the Bushmans app.
  •        integration with existing systems: TankSmart® devices can be integrated with existing water tanks making it easy to add TankSmart® to your existing water infrastructure.


Satellite or cellular monitoring options

TankSmart® offers two monitoring options: satellite monitoring and cellular monitoring. Satellite monitoring is available in all areas, which means you can read your water tank’s level even in the most remote locations. The cellular monitoring option is only available in areas with cellular coverage.

What is the best option for your situation? If you can get decent cellular reception where your tank is to be positioned then a cellular TankSmart® is recommended as it provides up to 24 threshold checks per day.

TankSmart® has a yearly subscription for satellite and cellular usage. The first year subscription is free for both cellular and satellite. Thereafter, the cellular TankSmart® has an annual subscription cost of $79 Inc GST per device. This equates to approximately $0.22 cents a day. Whereas TankSmart® satellite has an annual subscription of $99 Inc GST per device. This equates to approximately $0.27 cents a day.


Fertiliser, Molasses, Chemical & Other Liquid Storage

In addition to its application in standard water tanks, TankSmart® proves its adaptability in the realm of commercial and agricultural operations. Bushmans, known for crafting high-quality fertiliser, molasses, and chemical tanks, seamlessly integrates TankSmart® into these specialised liquid storage vessels. This innovative liquid monitoring solution ensures that farmers, producers, and businesses can maintain precise control over their vital liquid resources. With TankSmart®, the management of these crucial fluids has never been more efficient and reliable.



Bushmans App

The Bushmans app works seamlessly with TankSmart® and has a user-friendly interface and data visualisation tools. As a result, this makes it easy for users to track their tank level and water usage.

Benefits of using the Bushmans TankSmart® app are:

  • Users can see their tank level 4 times a day with satellite and cellular
  • Receive threshold checks up to 24 times a day with cellular
  • historical data: Users can see their tank level history
  • alerts: Users can receive alerts via email or text message when their tank level reaches a low or high preset threshold
  • data visualisation: Users can see their water usage data in a variety of ways.


Bushmans TankSmart® App
Image: Bushmans app displayed on a smartphone

Overall, TankSmart® satellite or cellular tanks by Bushmans are a significant advancement in water management. Above all, the benefits of having data and remote monitoring helps farmers to optimise their water usage, and save money on their water bills, whilst reducing water waste and promoting sustainable water usage.

The future of smart water solutions is bright. As technology advances, we can expect to see even more innovative and efficient water management solutions emerge. Evidently, TankSmart® integrated tanks are just one example of how technology can be used to improve water management.

If you are interested in better optimising your water management on your property, call one of our tank experts on 1800 287 462. Alternatively, fill in a contact form  ( ) and we can have someone get in touch with you straight away.

Author: Alex