Bushmans Assistance with Eugowra’s Flooding

On the 14th of November 2022, a devastating flood reached Eugowra, 300km west of Sydney. The Bureau of Meteorology graph shows a water peak around 9am, which has been noted to be similar to a tsunami. This has been the worst rainfall event in Eugowra since 1950.


The flood damaged 80% of homes and businesses, two people died, and many residents had to be rescued from their roofs by LifeFlight.



The morning after the flood hit Eugowra, the council rang Bushmans to check if they had a tank to install at the showground to assist with temporary showers. Bushmans Managing Director, Chris Glenn, didn’t hesitate to donate a tank. Knowing the water tank would need pumping in order to work, Bushmans requested a long term partner, White International, to liaise with them to assist with providing pumps to serve the showers.



An investigation about why the Bureau of Meteorology couldn’t predict this flood, to provide the population with enough warnings is currently being investigated and hopefully disasters like this will be prevented in the future. In the meantime, Bushmans wishes the population the best possible recovery.

Author: Luana Teixeira