What you need

Things to consider before you order your Bushmans tank

How much storage do you need?

Think about how you will use the water —-for drinking only, the garden or general use? Some simple calculations will tell you whether you need a small, medium or large tank. There is a size in the BUSHMANS range to suit all requirements.

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How much water can you catch?

A simple calculation will determine your potential water catchment. Every square metre of roof equals one litre of water for every millimetre of rain. Multiply your total square metres of roof area (roof pitch doesn’t alter the amount of catchment) by your annual rainfall average and you will have the total potential catchment for a year. Yes, it is amazing how much goes down the drain!

Tank Calculator


Where is it going to be sited?

You can mount your tank against a wall, on the ground or on a stand, even partly in the ground. Measure the space you have and select a tank to suit. If you need help deciding, call BUSHMANS Freecall number 1800 287 462 for advice.

What plumbing fittings do you require?

BUSHMANS supply and fit on delivery a strainer, overflow, outlet and ball valve. Tanks of 5000 litres or more are required to have a flex hose kit which connects the tank with the pump or fixed pipe. The flex hose kit and additional fittings are available upon request. Determine the fittings you will need to plumb into your domestic or rural system. Some local councils require pressure tested valves, some local councils require WaterMarked valves – you should check.


Can you prepare the site?

Proper site preparation is essential to allow you to enjoy the long life of your BUSHMANS tank. A Detailed guide will be supplied to allow you to prepare your site prior to delivery.

Installation Guidelines


What access will the delivery truck need?

BUSHMANS will deliver your tank to your door, access permitting. Check that areas such as gates, roundabouts, trees, bridge heights and other potential obstacles will accommodate a truck of this size. Feel free to discuss possible alternatives with your supplier or BUSHMANS

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Water Use and Tank Selector Section

The BUSHMANS water use and tank calculator will give you an estimated amount of water that will be collected each year and will recommend the tank size that best suits your requirements. This calculator is an estimate only. Factors such as the amount and frequency of rainfall, as well as usage patterns can vary significantly.

Tank Calculator