The Bushman Tanks H20 Hero Project

Our mission

H2O Hero has been started to service the ultimate goal of saving our most precious resource; water. Water is the building block of all life and is to be cherished and protected wherever possible. By supporting initiatives that promote the sustainable use of water, H2O Hero aims to educate Australians into making good choices that serve this ultimate goal. By doing this, we are ensuring that Australian’s in the future are able to enjoy the water resources that generations before have. We believe that promoting water conservation is an imperative endeavour for Australia, particularly as our water resources deplete as the country grows.

Our history

The H2O Hero initiative started as a response to the lack of recognition for the support of water sustainability that was being given to businesses, organisations and institutions throughout the recent drought and devastating bushfire season. Drought in Australia is a characteristic of the landscape that has been ever-present. However, the worst droughts to affect the country have been in recent years. This highlights the ever-growing need for the sustainable management of our water resources.

H2O Hero was founded by Chris Glenn, managing director of Bushmans Tanks. Chris has been involved in the agribusiness sector for over two decades and has seen first hand the devastating effects that a lack of water resources can have on businesses and communities.

Bushmans Tanks, who has sponsored the H2O Hero initiative, has committed itself to the sustainable management of water. Bushmans encourages a holistic approach to water management whereby every little decision should be taken with water conservation in mind. More or less, to make ‘every drop count’!

How to get awarded

H2O Hero winners are selected from strict criteria that shows how they have demonstrated a strong commitment to water-saving initiatives and the sustainable management of water resources. Winners will have their company logo, description and website link displayed on our H2O Heroes Wall of Fame page.

All you have to do is first apply, then H2O Heroes will contact you. Organisations can apply for an award here. We award the gold badge based on how great the efforts are for saving water and promoting sustainable water management from the awarded organisation. Winners will be awarded on the basis of how they meet and exceed the criteria.

To apply, use this application form.

The H2O Hero Project


I have been involved with Bushmans and the water conservation industry for over 11 years and in the broader agricultural industry for most of my life, having grown up on a farm. One of the things I have learnt is that whether you are on a farm, in a country town or in the city, clean and accessible water is vital for our communities to survive and prosper. We have initiated this awards programme to recognise those businesses and organisations who have made a commitment to water conservation.” – Chris Glenn