Gorst Rural Derrinallum

37 Main St, Derrinallum VIC 3325

South West

Gorst Rural Derrinallum
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Derrinallum is a town located at the foot of Mount Elephant in Victoria, Australia.

The temperature here averages 13.4 °C, with warm summers and mild to cool winters.

In Derrinallum, the driest month is February (which receives 31 mm) and the wettest month is August, with an average of 69 mm. Overall, the rainfall in Derrinallum averages 594 mm per year.

Gorst Rural Derrinallum in Derrinallum provide the local area with rural products required for running a farm and can help with water storage products such as Bushman tank range. Their offering of water storage products, poly water tanks, ranging from small to large tanks in an array of models and dimensions fulfils the water storage needs of both farmers and households.

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