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Lithgow Water Tanks
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Need a rainwater tank in Lithgow, New South Wales? Like the peaks and valleys of the Blue Mountains and the Sydney traffic, rainfall can have its ups and downs. One of the best ways to secure a fresh water supply is with a high quality rainwater tank. Bushmans is a rainwater tank manufacturer and supplier in Australia, supplying Lithgow with high quality poly water tanks and massive steel tanks.

Bushmans poly tanks are manufactured by rotomoulding and in a single piece for strength and durability. The poly plastic the tanks are made out of is BPA free and utilises Bushmans unique enhanced raw material, Bushmans Sunsmart® technology. The enhanced plastic makes Bushman poly water tanks strong in the face of harsh elements and weather in Australia.

Bushmans supplies some of the best slimline water tanks to Lithgow, NSW. Bushmans slimline rainwater tanks, not only look great but fit down the side of most residential homes. The slim, narrow water tanks range from 660 litres to 5,000 litres, which provides a solution for most tight spaces and if you need larger amounts of water where space is also limited, Bushmans slimline water tanks can be hooked up together.

If you are looking for a large round poly tank in Lithgow, New South Wales, look no further as Bushmans Tanks manufactures some of the best water tanks on the market. Bushmans has high quality round rainwater tanks from 1000 litres to 46,400 litres for sale.

Need something larger? Bushmans supplies premium Aqualine steel tanks to Lithgow. These steel tanks range from 20,000 litres to the large 360,000 litres. Aqualine steel tanks are perfect for the farm or industrial sectors. Plus, the steel tanks are erected on site by our professionals. This means they can be built indoors or in places that are tricky to reach.

Bushmans has a large range of suppliers so you can find high quality rainwater tanks in Lithgow, Sydney or Eastern Australia for sale through our large network stockists. Have a look at our reseller finder to locate your nearest Bushmans reseller. It doesn’t matter if you are in Lithgow or Sydney, Bushmans will deliver and place your tank for free!

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