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Lismore Water Tanks
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The city of Lismore in New South Wales, Australia is located on a low flood plain which can lead to flooding during high rainfall. There isn’t much that the average person can do to stop the river from overflowing. However, to offset some of the stormwater on residential properties a rainwater tank can be a great option. Even if it’s a narrow slimline water tank down the side of your home, this can help offset the stormwater on your property from heading into the drain.

Bushmans offers a large range of high quality poly slimline and round water tanks to help capture and harvest rainwater. Lismore, New South Wales is also known to experience droughts. Therefore, securing your water supply with one or several water tanks can create peace of mind knowing you always have water on hand. Bushmans poly plastic water tanks are fully recyclable and BPA free. All of Bushmans tanks are manufactured in Australia.

A great solution for a farm is Bushmans premium Aqualine galvanised steel rainwater tanks. The food grade poly tough tank liner is strong and durable which gives you the best of both steel and poly. There is a size for any situation ranging from 20,000L to the massive 360,000L. Plus, our Aqualine steel tanks are manufactured in Australia and erected on site! This means the tanks can be built in hard to reach places other tanks may not be able to fit, past obstacles, or even indoors for industrial or manufacturing purposes.

Lismore, NSW can be either too wet or too dry, either situation can be helped with a rainwater tank! Bushmans has manufacturers across eastern Australia and has tanks for sale. If you are in Sydney or Lismore, delivery is free! This is because Bushmans has a network of resellers across eastern Australia and Bushmans professionally trained Customer Care logistics team deliver and position tanks in a professional, timely manner. Whether you are in Sydney or Lismore Bushmans has a tank for sale that will suit your needs.


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