Hewitt & Whitty – Ballarat

Crn Whiltshire Lane & Carngham Road, Ballarat, VIC, 3350

South Western Victora

Hewitt & Whitty – Ballarat
stock a range of Bushmans Water Tanks including:

Ballarat is a city located on the Yarrowee River in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Ballarat has a moderate oceanic climate and a mean rainfall of 693 millimetres per year. Ballarat has an average of 198 days without rain annually, and sometimes experiences cyclical drought and occasional flooding of the Yarrowee catchment. Hewitt & Whitty in Ballarat is the go to business for the region when it comes to products relating to living on the land. They have been operating as a friendly business for nearly 80 years and have outstanding expertise and experience relating to rural living. In this shop, you’ll find a multitude of products ranging from outdoor equipment maintenance products to agricultural products for stock feeds. Hewitt & Whitty also stocks fire protection products and Bushmans range of poly rainwater tanks in a variety of colours and sizes.
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