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Barnawartha is a small town located on the Hume Highway in regional NE Victoria. The town of Barnawartha is situated 300kms from Melbourne and sits upon the banks of the Indigo Creek. The township and surrounding country comprise of significant rural hinterland and industrial areas. The rural land around Barnawartha is used mainly for agriculture, including grazing and dairy farming, viniculture, and winemaking. The rural lifestyle and low-density character of the town has been highlighted consistently and strongly by the community as an important attribute. The town has a ‘laid back’ rural lifestyle, defined by the small-town centre and larger well established residential properties surrounding at low densities. New growth on the town’s periphery has generally reflected the lower density residential outcomes sought by the community

Water tanks have been extensively used in the Barnawartha rand surrounding region, including in the larger urban centre of Wodonga. Barnawartha’s climate lends itself to rainwater harvesting. The climate is warm and temperate in Barnawartha. The rainfall in Barnawartha is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This makes rainwater harvesting highly suitable for this area. Water tanks are the number 1 tool for this practice. 

The variety of Bushmans tanks that have been delivered into the area has included both steel and poly in recent years. This is due to the variety of different uses for water tanks being required in the Victorian region. Bushmans poly tanks are extensively used in Australia for a variety of purposes. The larger plastic water tanks are used for bulk water storage in both residential, and farming and commercial environments. Bushmans has also been deploying slimline water tanks in Victoria. Slimline tanks are a highly effective solution for storing bulk water while saving on space due to the slim design. These tanks are very popular in urban and residential dwellings.

Bushmans has also been installing our own quality manufactured Aqualine steel liner tanks into this region for quite some time now. These tanks are made in sizes up to 360,000L meaning that we have a tank to suit any volume requirement. 

If you are looking for a quality water tank for sale, for use on the home, farm or business then look no further than Bushmans. We operate our own fleet that delivers all around Victoria including in rural and urban areas. Send an enquiry or call us today.


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