Rural Rain Water Tanks

Rain Water Tanks & Water Storage in Rural & Country Areas

Rain water is often the only water in rural and country areas so your tank water is essential and not a luxury for the household and livestock watering.

Rural Rain Water tanks that stand the test of time

Bushmans Rain Water Tanks supply all the products and accessories needed to capture, store and pump water around the farm, garden and house. Bushmans range of water storage tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have stood the test of time with tanks in the field since 1989.

Rain water tanks for a wide range of rural applications

Bushman tanks can be used in a wide number of applications on the farm which include:

  • Capture and storage of rain water around the house and sheds.
  • Providing storage for stock water reticulation system. If there is an interruption to the supply of water there is tank water stored ready for use.
  • Bore Schemes when capped need to have water stored to ensure a constant supply of water.
  • Buildings such as horse stables have a specific requirement for clean water and ofter require clean rain water.
  • Clean and available water is critical for Intensive farming activities such as piggeries and poultry operations. Rain water is ofter ideal for these applications.

We cater for all situations- from rural to remote country rain water tanks

Bushman’s original range of round tanks provides access to some of the most cost-efficient water storage products available. Made in one piece from UV stabilised polyethylene, Bushman’s tanks have proven long term performance you can rely on. Sizes range from 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres for household purposes, and from 15,000 litres to 46,400 litres for country and more remote domestic applications.

Bushman’s understands tough Australian conditions

When it comes to catching rain water and water storage, Bushman’s has proven experience since 1989 with both small and large storage tanks operating in Australia’s tough conditions.

You can’t make it rain, but you can store it when it does. You can rely on Bushman’s to save Australia’s water.