5 Tap Rainsaver 55L/Min Hydraulic Changeover Unit

The Bianco RS5-InoxG60MPCX Rainsaver unit is a change over system that allows the automatic change between mains water and tank water without having to manually switch with a tap. The RS5 Rainsaver unit is a mechanical unit requiring no electrical fittings on float systems.

Having a tank mains system changeover unit makes the management of the tank and mains water straight forward. This is a simple and easy unit and the reliability of the RS5 unit makes it an easy choice. The RS5 unit is water marked and approved for connection to mains water. A key feature of this unit is the backflow system which prevents any mixing of mains water and tank water. The water supply authorities have this feature as key criteria for the approval of any water change over unit.

The RS5-InoxG60MPCX comes with a 5 tap pump which provides secure and reliable water and is used in houses and buildings where the desire is for a simpler and cost effective change over unit is required.

The RS5-InoxG60MPCX is used around smaller houses or garden applications.

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