5 Tap Pressure 58L/Min Pump

Where more water is required the BIA-INOX45S2MPCX has stainless steel pump housing and provides water for up to 5 taps and a flow rate of 58 litres per minute. This pump has a 0.6kw or 0.8 HP motor and can pump to a highest head of 50 metres. It has 25mm BSPF inlet and a 25mm BSPM outlet port and a pressure controller.

The Bianco INOX60s is a quiet pump and can provide water around the farm yard, shearing shed, cattle yards or the house yard. Ideally the pump should be located next to the tank where the flooded inlet will allow the maximum volume and pressure to be achieved.

In the case of the pump running dry, it turns off and the 1.5 bar controller switches the water pump on when a tap is turned on. This feature provides constant pressure whenever water is required.

Widely used for washing down equipment, for garden sprinklers and for water troughs the INOX45S2MPCX is a versatile pump.

Protecting the water pump from the elements is important for longer life and for this reason a pump cover should be used for shelter.

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