4,365 Litre Circular Trough

When larger volumes of water are needed the Bushmans 4365 litre trough will do the job. When you are running large mobs of cattle or sheep there is a need to water the stock quickly and it is in these circumstances a larger trough works well.

No matter if you are running cattle or sheep clean water improves the performance and returns to your herd or flock. Clean water helps with the good health of livestock and hence the productivity. Being able to have more stock around the trough at once reduces the competition for space and the risks of stock injuring each other.

This larger trough can also be used for feed providing flexibility to its use.The design is hardy and is suitable for both larger and smaller livestock. Is can be manufactured from either virgin or recycled polyethylene providing flexibility of material and price. It is ideally suited where both cattle and sheep are run in the one paddock. For more details on this large trough call Bushmans on 1800 287 462 or visit your local Bushmans stockist.