4,000 Litre Squat Rainwater Tank

Bushmans expert design team have introduced this 4,000 Litre tank. It is designed specifically for sites that require a low water inlet heights.

It is made from polyethylene (poly) which is a non-corrosive tank material designed for long life. Poly tanks are usually constructed as one single piece. This means that there are no joints or seams on the tank itself. Bushmans Poly tanks have many benefits;

  • they will not rust or suffer from corrosion
  • they are lightweight and easy to handle
  • they are constructed as one single piece which means that there are no joints or seams on the tank itself
  • they are only manufactured using materials that comply with the AS/NZS4766 standards which inhibits the growth of algae, and
  • they can be recycled at the end of their life.

If you would like to know more information about this rainwater tank, or about any of our products, please enquire now.

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