38,000 Litre Molasses Tank

When large volumes of molasses needs to be stored and handled, the Bushmans’ TM8400 molasses tank does the job with 38,000 litres of storage.

This allows the tank to be filled with a B Double and still have additional storage of existing product. Feed supplements are key tools that are used to increase the productivity of cattle that are being feed dry feed or grazing on dry pastures.

It is cost effective and provides the energy that is required when stock are on dry feed. Most importantly the cost is low compared to the returns, especially when located near the production source. The great thing about molasses is that it is very palatable, flexible with good nutrient value, and it is easy to store and handle. Mixed with other supplements such as urea, additional value can be extracted from the dry feed.

When the farm is dry keeping stock strong is important and molasses helps. Built to last, Bushmans’ molasses tanks are built to store and dispense molasses as part of the stock feeding programme. With over 30 years experience in making tanks for Australian farmers ensures our tanks stand the test of time. We deliver and install to farms, properties and businesses, ready for use.

Thicker walls are required for molasses tanks as the specific gravity of the product is approaching 1.5. Fitted out with a 3” outlet and vented lid the tank is ready to go. For more information on Bushmans’ Molasses tanks call 1800 287 462 or visit your local Bushmans’ office or stockist.