30,000 Litre Storm Water Tank

The Bushmans T6500 is a 30000 litre round storm water tank which is ideal for residential sites where space is at a premium. The large round design allows for maximum capacity and efficiency.

Local and state governments are stipulating that owners and tenants catch and manage the runoff water flowing from their site. Bushmans Storm water tanks are ideal for this use and have been installed in many locations across Australia. This includes rain water from both buildings and hard stand areas on site. Stormwater control is becoming a bigger issue as governments try to reduce the amount of debris and sediment entering the water ways.

The T6500 can be used for both a retention tank and detention tank. All that needs to change is the fitting configuration.

The T6500 is designed to the AS/NZS4766 tank standard and made in Bushmans own manufacturing facilities. The fit out of these tanks can be varied to suit the particular needs of individual site.

For more information on the T6500 Stormwater Tanks call Bushmans on 1300 373 392 or fill the enquiry form out below.

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