2,800 Litre Bund

When there is a need to confine the loss of liquids and chemicals from tanks and other storage containers a bund is the superior solution.

Bunds will catch any chemicals or liquids that can potentially leak from a tank or drum, mitigating the risk to the environment and saving money.

The bunding of tanks and other vessels is often a legal compliance requirement from the local council or government Environment authorities. There are often detailed design requirements outlined by the local council and it is necessary to refer to these requirements.

The bund limits any chemical spilled either through the filling and emptying process, or if there is a failure of the container or tank the bund is there to catch any spilt chemicals or contaminated water.

Polyethylene bunds are perfect as they are not corrosive to many chemicals therefore mitigating the risk of additional leakage. The rectangular shape allows the bund to fit into extensive industrial storage situations and the strong design ensures peace of mind when it comes to a strong bunded collection system.

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